Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tutorial: Framed Fabric Silhouette

I'm not completely out of my sewing funk yet, but I did do a bit of crafting recently. Ever since my daughter was born (10 1/2 whole months ago...WOW!) I've been struggling with what to put on her walls in the nursery. I just haven't found anything. When my sister showed me a simple way to make a silhouette, I came up with a cute idea that I wanted to share with you!

Framed Fabric Silhouettes!

This is a great way to personalize the room, plus it adds a splash of color. How great would these be as Christmas or birthday gifts?? It's really very fast and easy!

Gather your supplies:

Profile picture of your choice
Black construction paper
Double Stick Tape
Fabric and picture frame of your choice

Place the picture on top of the black paper (use tape to keep in place if you would like). Using your pencil, trace around the profile, so you know where to cut. Cut around the profile following the pencil line, cutting both the picture and the black paper.

After you cut, you now have a nice silhouette! Toss the picture and put a few pieces of tape on the back of the black silhouette. Place on a pretty piece of fabric of your choice (cut the fabric to fit the frame, first**).

Place in the frame and your done!

I used four different silhouettes to make it fun and interesting. I plan on clustering them together on a blank wall in Lily's room.

Now go! Take some profile pictures and make one (or two!) of your very own!

**I cut the fabric slightly larger than the frame, so when I put on the back of the frame, it stayed in place better.

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  1. that is a fantastic idea! i think i will try this soon (getting Caleb to sit still for a picture is something else entirely!).


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