Monday, January 31, 2011

So cozy...

With all this talk about snow, I feel like cuddling up under a blanket with some coffee and a good book. Supposedly, there might be snow here in Laredo on Friday...although you wouldn't know it from the weather these past 2 days!! It's been in the 80's! Crazy.

Snow or sun, you can't go wrong with a trip to I right? With that in mind, I whipped up some Coffee Cozies! They are so cute, I want one in every print! I lined them with Insul-Bright, to keep the heat in the cup and not on your hands. Practical, and stylish! They are available in my Etsy shop, stop by and check them out!

Two of my favorites...

I used my last bit of Amy Butler Morning Glory fabric for this one!

I love mixing prints...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fabric for your Mr.!

Aren't these some of the cutest fabrics for little boys? Finding fabrics for little boys can be hard...there are so many out there for the girls! So when I saw that Ann Kelle (who has quickly become my favorite fabric designer) is coming out with these in March, I was so excited!! Cars, trucks, planes...need I say more?

Come excited with me!!

Bobby has a thing for planes right now...hmmm...I think he needs a new pillowcase!

{pictures from Ann Kelle}

Love'n the cars!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And the winner is...

Thank you to everyone who left a sweet comment on my first blog post! Now...for the BIG announcement!

Drum roll please...

I put all your names in a silly hat (Bobby has a thing for hats...)...

I mixed them up...

...and picked a WINNER!!

Yea Magan! You are now the proud owner of my Polka Dot Thick-Band! Congrats!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

&hearts s

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I love V-day, probably one of my favorite holidays, next to Christmas (of course!). I have a thing for hearts...a big thing. Ever since I was little, it has been a favorite of mine, but having a girl of my own has made me love them even more. So when I find heart fabric and get to sew with it, I am extra excited.

I fell in love with this fabric so much, that I keep coming up with new ways to use it! I thought it would be perfect to use for my Valentine's Day hanging kitchen towels! They are in the shop right now, along with other prints that will sweeten up your kitchen.

I can't decide which one I like the most!

These towels are one of my favorite things to make. I came up with this pattern thanks to my sister-in-law, Becky, who mentioned that she wanted some. Now they are some of my most popular items! I should have some 'every day' patterns in the shop within the next two weeks or so. Don't you worry! Until then, I hope you enjoy all the hearts!

Crafting with the Stars

I did it. After some coaxing by my friend, Erin (who could've entered, herself!), I entered Season 2 of 'Crafting with the Stars', over at Sew Dang Cute Crafts! Ahhhh! Today was the last day to enter, so I did it before I could think too much about it.

If you don't know what the contest is, it is similar to the show, 'Dancing with the Stars', except it is in blog-land. Twelve contestants are chosen to work with 12 crafty 'blog stars'. It is a 4 week competition to see who is the craftiest of them all!

I could only have one entry, which was hard, but the rules stated that the craft had to be made after Dec. 1, 2010, so that helped me narrow it down. I entered my 13"MacBook Pro Computer Bag! I am very proud of this bag, since it is my very own pattern, and I had to conquer the zipper in order to finish it. I made 4 of these as Christmas gifts, but I chose to enter the Black Damask version, one of my favorites.

Wish me luck! The contestants will be announced on Wed., Jan. 19, 2011.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Welcome to just stitch.'s blog! Here you'll find updates to my shop, just stitch., giveaways, and maybe even a tutorial or two! In that I think about it, a giveaway sounds like a great idea, don't you think?? Leave me a comment here on the blog, and you could win one of my Polka Dot Thick-bands!

Bright and colorful!

I can't wait to see where just stitch. will go in 2011. I have so many ideas written down (and even more in my head) to share with you. I would love to hear your feedback, so don't be shy...leave a comment!

Please leave a comment by this Monday, Jan. 17, 2011. I'll do it the old fashioned drawing your name out of a hat! I'll announce it on my blog on Tuesday, Jan. 18! Good luck!!
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