Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Featured: 10 Minute Head Band Tutorial

I am so excited to tell you that I am over at Ann Kelle's blog today! She asked me to do some tutorials for her, so of course I said 'YES'!

Got 10 minutes, some scrap fabric and a rubber band? Then you have all you need to get started! Head on over and check it out

I'll be doing a few other tutorials for her as well, which I can't wait to share with y'all. I will be sure to let you know when to go take a peek!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mama's 'Lil Helper

Today I was trying to get some sewing done during Lily's nap, when Bobby came in wanting to 'help'. He was so insistent that he help me make a pillow for his good friend, Tagan. Almost in tears, he was trying to convince me so bad. So of course I said "yes"! I quickly cut two squares and sewed them together, then he stuffed the pillow. He thought it was so cool that he made something!  He had a blast cutting, stuffing, and using a marking pen to measure and draw on the fabric.

 I have the sweetest little boy ever. I mean, look at that face!

So happy to be helping Mama!


Stuffing...he thought it looked like clouds!

More stuffing...

Ta da!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pinterest Made Me Do It: Valentine's Day

If you are like me, you're addicted to Pinterest. It is seriously the coolest thing ever. There are so many crafty and creative people out there! I am just amazed by all the fun projects I find. I am always thinking: 'Why didn't I think of that??'. 

Yesterday morning, the kids woke up to a HEART ATTACK...no, not chest pains....I attacked their bedroom doors with paper heart cut outs telling them how much I love them and all the things they are great at! For example: Bobby is great at being a big brother, and Lily is great at walking!  Sorry I don't have a picture to show you, but it was so fun surprising them! I think this will be a new tradition!

After finding so many great ideas for Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to start a series called 'Pinterest Made Me Do It'. Where I show you all my latest projects inspired by Pinterest. I thought later I would turn the series into a Link Party, but for now, it's just a fun post to show you stuff I have done. This one is the Valentine's Day edition. After searching and searching...

I vow I will NEVER buy store-bought Valentines again! 

I found so many fun printables and ideas to last me at least through grade school! 

I am just now learning my way around Photoshop, and haven't even tried to learn Illustrator. With my twinsie accross the pond now, I've lost my graphics go-to gal. So when I found some FREE printables, I was thrilled! 

For Bobby, I found some adorable pencils in the $1 Spot at Target ( always gotta stop there...my weakness). Ten pencils for $1! Score. I didn't even know what I would do with them, I just thought they were cute so I threw them in the cart. Good thing I did, because I stumbled upon this free printable  (check out this blog for more cute printables) and wha-la! Instant Valentines for Bobby's class. Total spent: $2.00. Actually, less than that since I didn't use all 20 pencils. 

Bobby's Valentines

For Lily, I wasn't sure what to do. She is only 16 mos. But I saw this printable and knew I had a winner! The best part? I didn't have to buy anything! We had this playdoh left over from the party bags from the kids' birthday party. Perfect! I thought these were adorable! 

Lily's Valentines

Another good thing?? These are SUGAR FREE Valentines! I like to limit the kiddos' sugar intake...plus, I am a dental hygienist, ya know! 

What has Pinterest inspired you to do, lately?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's no secret I have a little (ok...big) crush on hearts. I can't help it. They make me happy! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, that's what  this post is dedicated to...hearts!  

A little heart eye candy for ya:

My sister, Casey, got me these cool shades as a present! I know they will get a lot of use this summer in this Laredo sun!

I would love to have this chalkboard, but I waited too long and now it's sold out!! Hoping it comes back in stock soon.

These lovely photos I found here

Check out this fun tutorial here. How sweet would these be for a V-day photo shoot?

I am drooling over this sweater, but again...it's sold out! 

 I think this idea is one of the sweetest ever! I might have to try it. 

Too much?? I'll stop there. Don't want to over do it! What have you been crushing on lately? 

I hope these hearts have inspired you to be a little creative this Valentine's Day.  Have a fabulous V-Day, filled with the ones you love!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tutorial re-visited: Simple Heart Garland

I just love Valentine's Day!! It's right around the corner folks....yep, 2012 is flying by isn't it? I took this fun picture of some buttons while I was working on new towels for my shop. Stop by and take a look! I'll be adding more items soon.

If you are looking for a quick and easy project to do for Valentine's Day, why don't you try my Simple Heart Garland? It's a great way to use up those tiny fabric scraps. You can drape this anywhere or even hang it in your doorways to spread a little love this Valentine's Day!

I hung it in my daughter's room on her shelf. Looks so festive! Did  I mention I love V-Day??

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh Baby!

This past weekend, I traveled to the Houston area to help throw a baby shower for my twin sister, Casey. Casey is a wife, mom, designer and party planner extraordinaire. She has a great eye for anything.  I think Casey should be a party planner for her next career! She threw me two amazing baby showers. (Which you can check out here and here.)

Since she is such a great party planner, we knew we had to come up with something good! Her shower was full of bow ties, mustaches, and stripes! We also threw in a photo booth with mustache props for added fun. Very Casey... She loved it and had a great time!

Casey and her family are moving to Scotland very soon for my brother-in-law's job. They will be there for 4 years! I don't know what I'll do without my daily phone calls or multiple texts throughout the day. Thank goodness we live in a world with internet and Skype!  I will miss her so much, but I know this will be a fun adventure for her and her family! And you better believe we will be going for a visit! She will be blogging about it all, so stay tuned!

I made some fun bibs and onesies to go along with the theme. 

 Isn't she cute?
 (thank goodness we share maternity clothes...I will inherit this dress some day!)

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