Sunday, October 16, 2011

Superhero Birthday Party!!

If you know my son, you know he is a superhero in training. Naturally, I decided to give him a superhero party for his 3rd birthday! And because little sister's birthday is 3 days before his, she got a superhero party too. it Superhero, or Super Hero?? Can it be both ways?? I've seen it both ways but I've been wondering, and I don't want to spell it wrong!

  I got these adorable invitations from Etsy, from a little shop called Kottage on 5th.  During a last minute trip to Wal-Mart, I found the plates, cups and napkins. Score! I had been looking for the comic-book type decorations but hadn't found any I liked. 

 My sister in law, Becky, surprised me with these cupcake toppers. How perfect are they?? I loved them! You can't see them very well in the picture, but I also found these cupcake wrappers on Etsy from this shop.

Fun Straws!

I loved this pinata. I found a picture of what I wanted and had it made in Mexico. $20 people! It was HUGE!  

I made both Lily and Bobby's costumes for the party. I've been making Lily a bunch of things for upcoming events. I made her a dress for her 1st birthday photo shoot, her Halloween costume, and another Halloween dress. Can't wait to show y'all, but those will be in some other posts!

 There has been some confusion on Bobby's he Nacho Libre? A wrestler? A superhero? I'll let you use your imagination on this one. Ha! Maybe it's the mo-hawk or perhaps the wrestler looking belt? Either way, he loved his costume!

 My sweet superhero. Her super power is the power of stealing your heart!! I sewed a belt on the onesie, and made her a girl-y cape. A mask, arm bands, leg warmers and hair glitter topped off the look. To my surprise, she kept the mask on her head the entire party!

She steals my heart everyday!

Happy 1st and 3rd birthday to my little superheroes!! I love you!


  1. Such a great party! I love lilys costume. Perfect!

  2. Saw your littlest super hero on Ann Kelle's blog. Love the party theme, especially since it's for a boy and a girl. Very cute, and inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is adorable!!! I love it all! I really had fun with the Super Hero theme! We should have teamed up- I can't even sew a button on. haha! Beautiful!

  4. Do you know the name of the company for the pinata

  5. I just adore this birthday bash! DIY parties are great way to add more personalization. My daughter wants to have an outdoor birthday bash so I’ll book some good Los Angeles event venues but would like to have DIYdécor as per her frozen theme.


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