Sunday, October 30, 2011

Best Friend Bear

 When it comes to making costumes, the easier, the better. Especially when the kids are too young to really understand why they are dressing up. I bought Lily the 'Best Friend Bear' Care Bear at the flea market for $.50, and she fell in love with it! It is the first stuffed animal that she has grown attached to. Don't you dare give it a hug! That's her bear and she knows it! It's hilarious. I thought it would be so cute to dress her up like her beloved bear. 

This costume cost me....hmmm...let me add it up....$.33! Really. I already had a purple onesie, the felt (except the purple felt....hence the $.33), elastic for the ears and stuffing for the belly/ears. Super quick and easy to make! I sewed the rainbow on the white felt, then placed some batting under it and sewed it on the onesie. I even sewed a little heart on the booty. So adorable! It turned out so cute.  For the ears, I cut out four pieces of felt, sewed on some pink for the inside of the ears, stuffed them with a little stuffing and then sewed the ears onto the elastic. To my surprise she actually kept the ears on!

This costume is easily customizable to any Care Bear of your choice! Easy for an adult costume too. Just draw a heart on your nose and some freckles and you are all set! 

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  1. this is so cute! i love the little heart on the back. great detail!


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