Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinterest Made Me Do It: Dress-up Closet

Hey! I'm back with another fun and easy project inspired by Pinterest. There are so many fun things and ideas that I want to do, but there just isn't enough time! My son is really into dress up. Super hero dress up, of course! He has also had a thing for hats ever since he was little (he's a big boy now, ya know!) so he has quite the collection. 

There are a couple of dress-up closets/cabinets floating around Pinterest, which I think are just genius. I really wanted to make Bobby (and Lily) one. I remembered that we had this cabinet. It was sitting in storage for almost 2 years, so when we finally got it out, it clicked. 

Dress-up closet!

This is seriously the easiest project to do. I took out the adjustable shelf and added a tension rod for hanging the growing collection of costumes. I bought some hooks that stick on (I'm telling you...easy) and added them to the inside of the doors to use for hanging masks, name it. 

I also added 2 hooks on one side to hang Bobby's multiple capes. Which, if you need a fun cape tutorial, check out my Reversible Super Hero Cape tutorial

I find that the flea market is a great place to get cheap costumes. Especially around Halloween. I got the Spiderman, Bat Girl, Captain America, and Super Man Cape all at the flea market! For around $8 total. Bobby doesn't care if they are too big for him, he'll grow into them and it gives the costume longevity. He keeps telling me all the other super hero costumes he still needs to complete his collection. I guess it's back to the flea market for me! Lily already has a couple costumes as well. I know she will love this cabinet just as much as Bobby when she gets a little older.

I didn't take a picture of this, but I put a full length mirror on the other side of the cabinet as well. The drawers are perfect for all the hats, masks, swords, fairy wands...

My husband kindly spray painted the knobs for me to add a splash of color for fun. 

I really love how it turned out! We will get years and years of fun play time out of this dress-up closet. I'm so glad I found this idea on Pinterest! 

Bobby is too...


  1. It looks great! You did such a good job! I just love Pinterest for all it's great ideas!

  2. This is just awesome!!!!!! I really love it! We're using an open garment rack but it doesn't look as gorgeous as this!

  3. I love Pinterest also!! such a nice cabinet for the kids. great job!


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