Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'POW! BAM! SNAP!' Superhero Quilt

 Hello! Bet you think I forgot all about my little blog, huh? Truth be told, I didn't forget about it, but I took a LONG break from crafting/sewing. About a 4 month break. Sometimes I get in these ruts where I just am not feeling it. The sewing machine, that is. Plus, we moved, so I have been getting the house in order, organizing and unpacking.

But I'm BACK with a POW!! 

I have been wanting to make a superhero quilt for Bobby for months. Probably 6 months or more. I've had this vision in my head...and once I found the perfect fabric, it all fell into place!  I wanted to do a generic quilt, no characters. I thought it would be fun to have large applique squares with action words, like 'POW! BAM! ZOOM!'

How perfect is this superhero fabric?!? I stumbled upon it on Etsy and ordered 1.5 yards (all she had left). Once I received it, I realized it was from Jo Ann's Fabrics.  Since we don't have one here, I had my mom and sister go the their local stores to look for some. I got lucky and my sister found 2 yards. I've been told it's been discontinued, which really bums me out, because I know I could make a lot of cute things for little boys with this. I've since looked at 2 other Jo Ann's and search Etsy all the time, but no luck. I'm leaving for the Dallas area next week, so I'm hoping to get lucky!

In addition to the superhero fabric, I used some 'Ta Dot' from Michael Miller and 'Superhero City Nights Skyscraper' also from Michael Miller. I love how bright it is!

Can you tell he loves it? It was so fun to make, knowing how much he would love his cool new superhero quilt!

Now to make one for Lily's big girl bed...before I get too big to crawl around on the floor! Which, by the way, is excellent exercise for a preggo like me.


  1. I am looking to do a Superhero quilt and was wondering what size squares you used? Great job!

    1. So sorry it took me so long to reply. I used 12"x12" squares, so I cut them 13"x13", to allow for the seam allowance. Good luck with your quilt!!


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