Monday, July 16, 2012

Featured: Advent Garland Tutorial

Christmas is just around the corner...WHAT?!? 

No really, when you think about it, school is starting next month...then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and before you know it...Christmas...and hopefully some cooler weather!

I am so excited to share with you a tutorial I worked on for Ann Kelle, using her new Jingle line of Christmas fabric. It is so fun and festive! 

I made this super easy Advent garland. I love it! Can't wait to fill it with notes and fun activities for me and my family to do come December. 

Go check it out here. She's posting more fun Christmas tutorials this week, so check back for some holiday inspiration!

Now if only I had a fireplace to string this on...

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  1. I'm sorry to comment to this post as it has nothing to do with it, although these are super cute, but I can't locate anywhere on your blog to email you.

    Will you please email me when you have a few minutes? Thank you.


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