Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Triangle Quilt

I don't know how long it's been, but as you can tell I took a much needed blogging hiatus. I never stopped sewing though! I have had this idea for a quilt for my daughter, Lily, for over a year. I finally got it made, and I thought it deserved a blog post!

I knew I wanted to use fabrics from Ann Kelle's remix line (my favorite!) but I wasn't too sure how I wanted to lay it out. I did squares for my oldest son, Bobby, then I did stripes for my youngest son, Aidan. I wanted to do something fun and different. I searched and searched Pinterest for ideas, and saw a few quilts made with triangles. It looked cute so I gave it a go! 

The front panel is triangles with the remix fabric, and the back is a mix of Riley Blake chevron, Ikea heart fabric (from a couple years ago that I have been hoarding for the perfect project) and some pink and white polka dots from good 'ole Hobby Lobby. 

I didn't quilt the small triangles on the entire thing, I did large diamond shapes...mostly because I was lazy. I used cotton batting at the request of my grandma, who is an amazing seamstress and has made her fair share of quilts! She said it would last longer that way. 

For the border, I was going to make my own bias tape, but again the laziness kicked in...I am so glad it did this time! I had this idea for a ruffle border, but wasn't sure if there was such a thing as ruffled bias tape. Hobby Lobby came through for me!! The quilt looks awesome with the ruffle. The red really makes the quilt, I think...and to think I almost went with pink, which probably would've happened, but I didn't care for the pink ruffle that was in stock.

It was a labor of love, but I am so glad that it is finished. There is much to be learned about quilting, but I am very happy with how it turned out.

Here is my little princess, snuggling with her quilt!
She loves it!! 

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